How to Deal with Radio Problem in Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS Navigation

Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS Navigation

Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS Navigation


It’s a Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS navigation stereo with radio, Bluetooth, 3G, WIFI function. More on:


Radio is an important and frequent-used function in car stereos. It’s easy to use, but some car owners find it work with problems some times. There are several problems you may meet in using, the radio signal area problem, channel selected problem and bad signal problem. If you meet the same problems, here’s the solution for your reference.


Many aftermarket car stereos come with radio function which supports the original car radio. When you have this new car stereo in your car, you only need to choose the original signal, and it will work.


If you don’t remember the original signal, you can choose your country area from the radio area menu. If there’s no radio setting for your country area, you can try to select to the area which is next to your country. In most cases, this will work, too. But if it won’t work, you should ask the car stereo merchant for help.


If you meet a channel selection problem, your radio may not stay on one station and keep jumping around. You can try to reset the unit to solve the problem. If this can’t help, you may have to select channel manually.


If you meet the bad signal problem, please make sure you have chosen the right area signal at first. Then, if the radio can get a channel normally, the bad signal problem may cause by wire and connections.


Please keep radio wire away from other wires, and check the 12V radio wire to see if it’s connected. If everything’s ok, but the problem still exist, you can try to shift the radio wire for a local radio wire, which is fit for your car.


If all these steps cannot help, you’d better go to a professional for help. In most cases, the car stereo merchant can help you out, you can ask them for help, too.


Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS Navigation

Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS Navigation

The radio function in latest car stereos has been upgraded and has many functions. You’d better read the usage instruction before you use this function. It’s possible to have problems because of incorrect using. Wish you solve all the problems you meet in radio function. If you want a new unit with great radio function in it, this Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS navigation may fulfill your needs.


The radio function in this head unit has high sensitive FM/AM Radio receiving mode, which can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. It’s worldwide use and supports RDS. It also supports 99 stations preset for AM/FM. You can scan different frequency stations by area step. Though it has so many applications, it’s easy to operate.


This head unit also supports 3G and WIFI network with big keyboard. You can search online freely. You can also bookmark your favorite websites as the same as in computer. What’s more, you can upgrade software in the unit by 3G and WIFI function directly.


The IPod and IPhone music function in this unit is good, too. There will be a wire for you to connect your IPod or IPhone to the head unit. After connection, you will see the music play interface of IPod. There will be play lists in it, which is the same as in your device. You can play songs in the interface just as the same in your device, too.


For professional installation information and other key functions, you can know on website, and you can ask the online service for help if you have any questions, here’ the link of Chevrolet Cruze DVD GPS navigation:

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