How to Remove a Radio in 2006 2007 2008 Dodge Caliber for Aftermarket GPS Navigation

Dodge Caliber Radio

Dodge Caliber Radio

It takes time to remove a radio in Dodge Caliber. But, after removal, you can install a new head unit with great functions in the car. An aftermarket car stereo can bring more fun and help to you during driving. There are many functions in a car stereo now, such as, Bluetooth, TV, IPod, rearview, DVD, GPS and so on. If you are going to remove your original Dodge Caliber radio for a new GPS navigation system, this text may help in a way.


However, you are not recommended to remove the radio yourself if it’s the first time you upgrade a car stereo. In dash head unit requires professional installation. In order to have the new unit worked well in your car, you can ask a professional for help or go to a car stereo upgrade shop to upgrade the radio.


  1. Remove the negative cable on the vehicle battery. To ensure security, don’t upgrade the radio with power on.
  2. Prepare tools for the removal. You can prepare a lever, a screwdriver and a small box. The box is for keep screws from the dashboard during upgrade.
  3. Remove the trim panel. Pry the panel with a lever gently. Pry the panel from every direction so that it can be loosened easily. When it is loosened enough, use your hands to take if off the dashboard and disconnect the wires on it.
  4. Remove the radio. There are screws on the radio. Remove them, and take the radio out off the dash. Disconnect the wiring harness at the back of the radio. Place the radio aside.
  5. Install the new radio. Connect the new radio to the original wiring harness and slide it into the dash. Turn on the new unit and test it. Make sure the functions in the unit work well in the car. Then, install the trim panel back to the dashboard.


It must be easier than you think to upgrade a Dodge Caliber radio. But, there’s something you should pay attention to during upgrade, especially for the wire connections. Many problems are caused by wrong wiring connection. So, double check the wire connections if you have problems in usage.


If you haven’t found a new Dodge Caliber radio for your car yet, here’s a good and cheap one for your choice. It’s from seicane online shop, and it has great functions:


Dodge Caliber Radio

Dodge Caliber Radio


Navigation Parameter
Operation system WinCE 6.0
Chipset Mstar MST785
Frequency 1GHz
Support map PolNav iGO Route66 Gate 5 Papago etc
Voice navigation Yes
Dual zone Yes



Its turn-by-turn navigation system brings you detailed route information. It supports 3D GPS map. After installed a map in the unit, you can set routes by inputting starts and destinations. A latest navigation map may show you the best route with the shortest time and distance. It may also use cursors and voice prompt to lead you to the destination. Some maps even can re-plan routes for you once you drive off the route you’ve set before.


It has Bluetooth function, which supports answering phone calls on the head unit touch screen directly after Bluetooth connection. It also supports downloading phone book from your phone to the head unit. You can read phone book in the screen clearly. You can also enjoy music from your phone.


Its dual zone function supports navigation system working with entertainment functions. It also supports radio RDS, HD videos, analog TV and digital TV, IPod and IPhone music and so on.


This OEM head unit can do more for you. Feel free to click for more functions and discount now:



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