How to solve AUX issue in a 2000-2010 Ford Focus head unit with Android 4.4.4 Autoradio GPS CD DVD Player Bluetooth

Please look at the picture below, which is a 2000-2010 Ford Focus head unit integrated with the latest GPS navigation system and the great multimedia player from Seicane. It can support a lot of practical and entertainment features, such as GPS navigation, DVD/CD player, FM/AM radio, RDS, WIFI, TV, USB, SD, etc.


2000-2010 Ford Focus head unit

2000-2010 Ford Focus head unit


Nowadays, many car owners are trying to upgrade their factory radio with a new aftermarket head unit which can bring a lot of great convenience and enjoyment in their cars. Some of them may have some problems during the upgrade. For example, you may find there is no sound in the new head unit, but there is nothing wrong with your head unit and the car speakers. In that case, you can check if your new head unit is a split type one. Besides, you need to check whether your car has AUX or not. Because a split type head unit can’t work with sound if there is no AUX in your original radio. If you buy a new head unit with spilt type and find no sound in your new head unit, then it may be caused by that your original car has no AUX.


To check if your original radio has AUX, you can to the entertainment menu of your original radio. Firstly, find “entertainment” on the main menu and click it, and you can check if there’s an AUX. If you can’t find it in this way, you can check the dashboard panel, glove compartment or somewhere near the original radio to check if there is an AUX port.


If your original radio doesn’t come with AUX, then you need to add some accessories to get sound from the new head unit. The methods vary from cars to cars. For example, you may need to add a FM audio transmitter to your new head unit to get sound in your car. Therefore, if you happen to buy a split type head unit and find that your head unit doesn’t come with AUX and want to get sound in your new head unit, you can ask your dealer for more detailed methods.


If you are a car owner of 2000-2010 Ford Focus and want to have a more comfortable car interior environment, you can upgrade your factory radio with this intelligent Seicane Ford Focus head unit which can support AUX and many other practical features. For more functions, you are welcome to click:


This Seicane Ford Focus head unit comes with advanced configurations and the powerful capabilities to ensure an amazingly smooth and stable performance. With the built-in GPS navigation system, you can easily arrive at your destinations with the turn-by-turn directions and spoken guidance. To sync your mobile phone with this unit, you can have calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel control for safety and stream music for fun. USB/SD wired connection allows you to have more options to relax on all your trips.


Wish you like this popular Seicane Ford Focus head unit and have a great time on all your trips from now on!

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