8 steps to install 2004 2005-2008 Ford focus Radio with DVD Navigation Steering Wheel control

Look at this image, this is Seicane 2004-2008 Frod focus Radio after installation.

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio after installation

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio after installation

Facts shows that people nowadays are more likely to seek for entertainments from usual life. Though most of the time we are rushing for life but we also should learn to enjoy it. More and more people choose to buy Ford focus Radio because it will bring them much convenience and entertainments.

Be frankly, you can of course ask a professional worker to do it, but it’s not difficult to achieve though you are not professional only if you can make adequate preparations for it and be careful enough.But simple doesn’t mean we can do as what we want without obeying any rules,here are some attentions for you.

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation

1)Firstly, remove the battery negative lead.

2)Pry the trim panel off with the pry tool and set it aside.

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation step 1

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation step 1

3)Remove several screws holding the radio in dash.

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation step 2

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation step 2

4)Take out the radio and disconnect wiring behind the radio.

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation step 3

2004-2008 Ford focus Radio installation step 3

5) Have a patient look at those cables and antennas, plug them one by one as the instructions show,which is very important in your installation.

6) After all cables are pluged well, install Seicane radio into it.

7) Firm screws on the radio and install removed panels back to your Ford focus.

8) With everything set well, turn on your radio and check all functions whether operate well.


I believe that nothing will impede you from achieving this goal after patiently reading these specific introduction patiently. I guess there are still some people who are not very familiar with new installed unit, then I advice you to visit next website to gain detailed knowledge about it:



This Ford focus Radio has intelligent android 4.4.4 operation system, high quality RK PX3 with 1.66 GHz frequency Quad-core CPU, and 6.2 inch HD 1024*600 Pixels multi touch screen with smooth operation high sensitivity.

Loaded with a lot of upgraded software and hardware components, this remarkable 2009 2010 Ford focus Radio will bring you a totally different driving experience for you. You can enjoy a visually radiant display and an easier operation on its 6.2 inch multi-touch screen with 1024*600 pixel resolution. The built-in GPS can support updating the latest traffic information and provide turn-by-turn voice direction for you to get to the desired location. You can enjoy playing DVDs, VCDs, bluetooth music, FM/AM radio tuner to enrich your journey. You can also connect your bluetooth-enable cell phone with this unit for hands-free calls and streaming audio to ensure a safe and cheerful journey. Your steering wheel control can still work after installation.

If you can provide your car gps dvd with good installation and maintain,it will surely make your usual life more richful.If you meet some problems that really troubles you,then you’d better ask someone who are professional to have a check for it, you are not professional after all.

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