How to solve reverse camera issue in a 2012 Honda Civic head unit with 16G Flash CD DVD Player Bluetooth Music

First of all shows you a great 2012 Honda Civic head unit from Seicane, which is upgraded on both software and hardware to provide a large amount of features for you to meet your different needs in a head unit, including GPS navigation system, DVD player, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth hands-free calls, FM/AM radio, RDS, USB, SD, etc.


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Upgrade your factory radio with a new aftermarket head unit, you can easily enjoy the greatest convenience and enjoyment on all trips. The GPS navigation system will guide you to a lot of locations within the least time with its lane assist, landmark display, route planning, 3D street view, turn-by-turn direction and voice prompts, etc. You can play your favorite music in your iPod with the iPod function to relax all the trips.


If you want to enjoy more features, there are some options which can be supported by this unit as well, for example, a reverse camera. This text will mainly talk about the reverse camera issue in a 2012 Honda Civic head unit.


Generally speaking, if car owners want to get the parking images to help them park, they need to mount a reverse camera to their cars, for most cars don’t come with backup cameras.


In most cases, the reverse camera is mounted in the position of your car’s license plate light. To install it, you need to remove your license plate. When you install it, you need to place the camera cable well. Besides, before the installation, you need to check if the shape of your reverse camera can fit the shape of your license plate light, so that a new reverse camera can be mounted perfectly on your car.


After the installation, when you turn on the Honda Civic head unit, the screen will automatically switch to the parking images when you are parking your car. If it won’t, you need to check if the camera cables are mounted correctly. If you can’t solve the problem, you can ask your dealer or a professional for help.


The above is all the reverse camera issues. Wish it can be helpful for you. There are many other useful functions the Seicane Honda Civic head unit can bring for you.


It can support dual zone function which enables you to enjoy your favorite music on all trips while the GPS is working. The FM/AM radio tuner is preset with 18 FM and 12 AM channels for you to listen to your favorite stations to get the global news and real-time traffic situation and entertainment. For more details, you are welcome to click the following link:


Wish you can like this great Seicane Honda Civic head unit and have a great time with it on all trips.



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