How to update maps of a 1998-2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 head unit

To find ways to a destination, car owners would choose a navigation system to get the correct direction. Nowadays, a navigation system is integrated with many features. The following 1998-2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 head unit from Seicane is an all-in-one unit with a wide range of features including GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, DVD/CD player, iPod, FM/AM radio, RDS, WIFI, USB and SD card connection, etc.


998-2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 head unit

998-2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 head unit


A GPS navigation system helps drivers a lot to guide them to get to any unfamiliar location. It can tell you where you are, find the best way to a destination. When you are not on the preset route, it can re-plan a new way for you to arrive at your destination. The spoken guidance is provided for you on all ways. Besides, the 3D street view, landmark display, millions of points of interests(POIs,), turn-by-turn direction, etc. are all offered to you while you are driving.


Traffic information is changing all the time. To get the most precise information, you need to update your maps every half a year or one year. To help you get the latest maps, here are two methods for you to have a reference.


First of all, you can use an SD card to store maps. You surf the internet to go through the GPS maps, find the latest map version, and download it in your computer. After that, you transfer it to your SD card. The SD card can be inserted into the head unit via the SD card slot. Then install the map in the unit. After installation, you can use the latest map to go to your destination. You have to keep the SD card in the unit and don’t remove it when it is working in case that you lose the data.


Secondly, you can use WIFI or 3G internet in the unit. Getting connected to WIFI or 3G network, you can directly surf the internet, go through the map website and download maps in your unit. This way is easier than the former one.


In a word, you can surf the internet on your own to update the map. You can also ask your dealer for the latest map if you have bought a head unit from him, most of dealers can provide it for you.


If you don’t have a head unit with GPS navigation function, it’s strongly suggested you upgrade your factory radio with a multifunctional radio with a GPS navigation system. If you are still looking for one, I’d like to recommend a great Seicane head unit specially made for 1998-2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK W209.


This remarkable Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 head unit comes with an HD 1024*600 touch screen for you to simplify the operation as well as have a clearer viewing. The built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to pair with your mobile phone for hands-free calls and streaming music. You can not only enjoy the precise guidance to your destination with the help of the GPS system but also have the wonderful entertainment you’d expect in a car, such as movies, music, radio, iPod, MP4, MP3, etc. Keep yourself and your passengers enjoyable on all trips with this top head unit.


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Wish you can like this Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 head unit and have a good time with it on all your trips.



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