Simple Removal Steps for Dodge Ram 3500 Radio


It would be complicated to remove a Dodge Ram 3500 radio if it’s the first time you do the removal. And, you should ask a professional for help if you don’t know much about radio upgrade to ensure you do the upgrade correctly. Here are radio removal steps for a Dodge Ram 3500. You can refer to it, but rely on it.


Warning: please disconnect the negative cable on the battery before the removal; please prepare tools; please protect the seat and trim panel during removal.


Step 1: take off the trim panel. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws which are on the trim panel. Then, use a lever to pry the trim panel and use your hands to loosen it. You may need to pry the gap between the panel and the car hard. And, you may need to do this for several times. Then, use your hands to take the panel off the dashboard. Disconnect the wires from its back and place it aside.


Step 2: remove the radio. You will see screws on the radio after you took off the trim panel. Use a screwdriver to remove them and take the radio out of the dash. There are wires at the back of the radio. Disconnect the wires and place the radio aside.


Step 3: install the new unit. Connect the new unit to the car by a wiring harness adaptor(if it needs). First, connect the adaptor to the original wiring harness. Then, connect the adaptor to the new unit. Make sure you connect the wires correctly. Then, slide the new unit into the dash.


Step 4: test the new unit. Please connect the negative cable on the battery and turn on the new unit. Then, you should test all the functions in it to see if it works well. If everything’s good, install the trim panel back.


Now you have upgraded your Dodge Ram 3500 radio. It’s time to go for a drive with it and enjoy new functions.


If you haven’t bought a new unit for your car, you are welcome to check out this one for 2010 2011 Dodge Ram 3500. It’s a car specialized head unit. It fits the car well. What’s more, it has many great functions. Check it out:


Dodge Ram 3500 Radio

Dodge Ram 3500 Radio

Navigation Parameter
Operation system WinCE 6.0
Chipset Mstar MST785
Frequency 1GHz
Support map PolNav iGO Route66 Gate 5 Papago etc
Voice navigation Yes
Dual zone Yes


It has GPS navigation system with voice cues, distance information, POIs, road planning and so on for 3D maps. You can install a map in the unit and set routes in it. The map will show you how to get to the destination clearly. You will never get lost with it.



If you have to answer calls during driving often, you may not miss the Bluetooth function. It’s inconvenient to take out your phones during driving with an incoming telegram. You can connect your phone to the head unit by Bluetooth. Then, you can pick up calls on the dashboard directly or by clicking the steering wheel control buttons. You can also read call history, call back, play songs in your phone by this unit, which is as the same as in your phone.


There are two optional functions in this Dodge Ram 3500 radio. They are Digital TV function and rearview camera. You are able to watch DVB-T, ATSC and I-SDB-T TV system by Digital TV function. You can watch rearview video in the unit’s screen by rearview camera. They are helpful. If you like them, please add them to the unit before ordering.


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