The Best Guide to Put an Android Car Stereo with GPS in 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X

More and more 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X owners decide to change the factory stereo as now it can’t meet the important needs like navigating, videos playing, network connecting etc. The fact is there are lots of upgraded car stereos available in the market, but not all of them are quality and with best price. Anyway, making the buying plan and spending time to do some researches in advance are must work in order to get a decent aftermarket car stereo.

After purchasing the new stereo, you can have Professionals to install it, or you may try to install it yourself since compared to many car models, the 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X factory stereo is easier to replace. To help you finish the installation, here we’ll share you a clear guide. Check it out.

Removal and installation steps for 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X stereo

Please know these tips before doing anything,

  • Prepare handy tools that help you do things easily. The basic tools will include plastic pry tools, screwdrivers in different sizes, tape, knife etc.
  • There are various car plugs in the car stereo system, to make sure safety, you’d better keep the car power off during the removal and installation process.

Step 1, Remove the trim panels on the two sides of the stereo. You can pull them out directly with your hands.

Step 2, Remove two screws that fixed the car stereo system.

Step 3, Take down the stereo and disconnect the plugs.

Step 4, Remove screws of the metal brackets that fixed the original DVD unit and the A/C button panel.

Step 5, Separate the DVD unit and the A/C button panel.

Step 6, Keep the A/C button panel and install it back to the dash.

Step 7, Tighten the screws to fix the A/C button panel well.

Step 8, Connect new cables like Power Harness, RCA Cable and CAM Cable etc to the new stereo. Here we invested the Seicane H6162 Touchscreen Android Car Stereo for the 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X.

Step 9, Correspondingly connect the cables between new stereo and car plugs.

Step 10, Install the touchscreen stereo head unit to the dash.

Step 11, Install the trim panels back.

Step 12, At this moment, you can turn on the car to test the new stereo system with GPS to see whether it functions normally.

Why we should replace the original car stereo system?

As you can see, the 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X stereo come from the factory is old-fashioned style, you need to operate it by various different buttons. On the other hand, it only provides few function, neither entertainment nor driving security functions can satisfy us. If we hope for convenient and comfortable drive, then don’t hesitate to purchase an Android car stereo in the market to replace the old one.

Seicane’s upgraded Android car stereo for 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X comes plenty of amazing features and functions, including:

  • The 9” touch screen not only makes everything done in several seconds, but can provide perfect vision, especially when watching videos and using navigation.
  • It supports worldwide FM/AM/RDS radio, you can listen to any radio channels whenever wherever you are.
  • Increase driving safety by making hands free calls through Bluetooth connection and adding car cameras to the stereo.
  • Access to the network via 3G/WIFI connection, giving you the ability to know newest things on the Internet.
  • This unit is plug and play, easy to upgrade and install ,your car’s steering wheel control still work after installation.

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