The installation and removal guide for 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 GPS Navigation installation guide from Seicane

BMW is one of the most well-know car brands all over the world.Unfortunately it seems like the auto companies launch new car models every year. Little hard for ordinary people to follow it to upgrade their cars.Luckily we can easily update the car radio which is loaded with advanced GPS navigation system and a great multimedia player so that we also can get much convenience and enjoyments. Here I’d like to share a step-by-step 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 GPS Navigation installation guide from Seicane if you gonna level-up your factory radio. If you don’t have any experience on the installation, you’d better ask a professional for help. Or incorrect installation guide may cause some unexpected damage to both your car and your new unit. Let’s get started.

Tips before the installation:

1.Please disconnect the power before the installation.

2.Please prepare a lever and a screwdriver before the removal and the installation.

3.Please keep all the separate parts from the car and take care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation.

4.For your convenience, link below is the recommended tools for removal and installation from Seicane, please check for details:


1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 car stereo installation guide

  1. Use a plastic trim tool to remove trim strip.

  1. Remove screws marked by red arrows.

  1. Take out original DVD player

  1. Unplug the connectors behind the unit.

  1. Connect the power cables as the picture shows.

  1. Remove screws in the spare tire in the trunk.

  1. Take out the spare tire.

  1. Remove four screws marked with red arrows.

  1. Remove screws in triangle crutch.

  1. Take out triangle crutch.

  1. Connect original plug of the car with power plug of DVD GPS.

  1. Check all the accessories for the new Seicane head unit.

  1. Connect the harnesses to the back of the new Seicane head unitrefer to instructions.

  1. Connect the Seicane head unit to your original car radio ‘s plugs.
  2. Turn on the new Seicane head unit to have a careful check if everything works well.
  3. Put the new Seicane head unit into the dash and install the four screws.
  4. Install the trim panel into its original place.

Absolutely you done it if you can smoothly install your new car radio without doubt by following this article for 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 DVD Player. First of all, you need to confirm that your new unit can be suitable for your car in advance. If you don’t have one, I’d like to recommend an ideal 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 head unit from Seicane to you. Here’s the link please click:

Above link related head unit for 1996-2003 WBMW X5 E53 car radio comes with the latest Android Radio, RAM 4GB \ ROM 64GB \ CPU 8-core \ Build-in Carplay \ 2.5D IPS Screen, Support RDS, SWC, XM radio APP etc. The car stereo is equipped with worldwide real-time navigation function of high accuracy. With current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display, 3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions, it will be your perfect road companion. With dual zone function, the music from radio/AV/TV etc can be played behind the scene under GPS mode and it will switch to the GPS voice automatically.Have a safe driving all the time.

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