How to choose a suitable car stereo?

Since aftermarket car stereos are designed as particular models, therefore, they are specific to different car models as well as car years. To upgrade your factory radio in your car, you need to buy an aftermarket car stereo which can fit your car. To choose a suitable car stereo, there are some factors you can take into consideration before you make up your mind.


How to choose a suitable car stereo?

How to choose a suitable car stereo?


OEM car stereo or aftermarket car stereo?


Keeping your own OEM car stereo and replacing it with an aftermarket one, which is better? It depends. If you can find all of the desired features in your OEM car stereo, you can add an amplifier and excellent speakers to upgrade it, which can help you save a lot of money. However, in most cases, it may cause some sound distortion in that way and won’t offer sound in the highest quality unless there are preamp outputs in your OEM car stereo. Otherwise, it is suggested that you replace it with a new aftermarket car stereo.


Size: single din or double din?

Before you go to the market or go through the shopping website, firstly you should check out the size of your factory radio. Most car stereos are designed into either single din or double din. If your factory radio is about 2 inches(50mm) tall, you should choose a single din to replace it. If the existing radio is about 4 inches(100mm) tall, then both a single and a double din replacement can fit your car. However, if you do want to replace your double din factory radio with a single din one, you need a spacer to install it in your car.


Power of a car stereo

If you are going to upgrade your car stereo, power is another important factor. When it comes to power, it is usually the power of the amplifier which actually makes things different in your car. Good sound systems bypass the built-in amp of a car stereo with RCA line outputs.


Considering the car stereo power, two aspects should be mentioned. If you want to upgrade a car audio system with less money, it’s wise of you to find a car stereo with enough power output. On the other hand, you can choose a car stereo which comes with an excellent built-in amp and RCA line outputs, which enables you to enjoy high-quality sound right off the bat.


RMS value which refers to root-mean-square is the factor to decide the power of a built-in amp. As a matter of fact, the full RMS value mostly can’t be output by the car stereo across all four speaker channels immediately. Besides, bass usually spends more power than other frequencies, therefore, it’s normal if you find some distortion with it.



To maximize the value of your upgrading, there are some other features you can also consider in a new car stereo, which includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, preamp outputs, DVD and CD playback, wifi & 3G internet, AUX, USB and SD card connection, radio, rearview camera, DVR, OBDII, TPMS, etc. It’s suggested you think it over what you need in your car before you make a decision for a new car stereo.


Above all, to find a suitable car stereo with high quality at a reasonable is also vital. Actually, a good car stereo supplier can help you with that. Here I’d like to share a popular car stereo supplier named Seicane with you: Hopefully it can help you and good luck!

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