How to Search Online in Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player

Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player

Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player


It’s a latest Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player with 3G WIFI network, know more on:


In the past, car DVD player with Wince system in it cannot support 3G WIFI, but Android car DVD players can. Now, some car stereo with Wince system are also available with network.


Are you confused with this 3G WIFI network and don’t know how to use it? It’s easy to deal with this problem. You can take this text for reference in a way.


First, make sure you have a car stereo supports network function, then, turn on the unit, find the browser or IE logo, and click it. You may find this action won’t work, or the system shows you that you haven’t connect the WIFI or 3G network.


Then, you have to go to the setting interface, find the network item, then, input the WIFI information. It’s like the first time you connect your WIFI in your cell phone in a new place. The unit may not remind you of the signal, but you can go to the setting interface and set the information.


After connection, you can go back to the main menu, and open the IE browser again. You may find a blank page if you haven’t search online before. You can click the blank place of the website address and input the website address you want it to go.


The following steps would be the same as the network in computer. You can go to different website; you can bookmark your favorite websites; you can comment on website and so on.


Some car owners think that the screen is not big enough to read information. If you think so, try to amplify the pages by your fingers. The operation would be the same as your cell phone.


Now you see this function is convenient and useful. You can listen to music, watch videos, write facebook notes and do all the things you can do in your computer.


Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player

Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player

Since it’s a multifunctional Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player, you can also enjoy other great functions of this unit.


It has high sensitive FM/AM Radio receiving mode. It can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. It’s worldwide use, which supports RDS and 99 stations preset for AM/FM. You can scan different frequency stations by area step.


It supports multimedia 1080P HD video play, you will find it as clear as your HD TV when playing movie and photos. You can also setup audio balance, high/mid/bass and play style(POP/Classical/Jazz).You can adjust the video of lightness, contrast, color and play style.


It supports 3D Navigation function with practical and humanizing operation interface. When you are not on the way which has set before, it will have voice prompts and re-plan the route for you automatically. This system will switch to the voice and come back when have the navigation prompts if the unit is in other function interface. You will find this function useful and convenient.


Here are some optional functions I want to share with you. They are great, too. First, the Digital TV function, this unit support external HD Digital TV Box(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) with double Tuner. You can see digital TV if you have this function in your head unit.


Second, the TMC function, it supports external TMC module USB: Traffic Message Channel. You will know about the traffic information by voice prompts. With this function, you can avoid the traffic jam easily.


Third, the rearview function, this unit supports special rearview camera for your car. It will enter the camera menu once you reverse your car. This function keep driving safe.


Wish you like this unit, more about Toyota Hilux Car DVD Player on:



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