How to Set System Settings of the Latest Kia Sorento Auto A/V System

Kia Sorento Auto A/V System

Kia Sorento Auto A/V System

It’s the Kia Sorento Auto A/V System, more on:


If you bought a latest car DVD player with many great functions for your car, and you don’t know how to use it, this text may help in a way. This text is taking Kia Sorento Auto A/V System with Wince 6.0 operation system in it for example. It supports 3D navigation, 3G, WIFI network and 3-zone POP function. It may be a little different from your car stereo. Then, you can take it as a reference.


Before we use a new unit, we should go to the setting page to set basic information. Now you turn on the unit, and find out the setting key in the main menu. Click it and we come to the setting interface.


In this page, you will see many logos, such as GPS navigation system, Audio, Video and so on. All of them are useful. You can set them as you like. Let’s take GPS navigation system first.


We use GPS system to set route often. But we can’t use this function if we haven’t installed it in our head unit. And, before we install it, we should put it in the unit. You can use a SD card to storage and input the card into the stereo. Then, in this GPS setting interface, you should choose options to set GPS path from SD card. After this, you can install GPS navigation system in the unit.


If you want to connect to internet with this unit, let’s come to the IE setup interface. Here you can select WIFI around you and connect it. After this, you can go back to the main menu and click IE browser to search online freely.


If you love listening to music in head unit, you can adjust the audio balance from setting interface, too. The video value can be set, too, such as, brightness, color, contrast and so on. The wallpapers can be set two. It’s the same as your cell phone. You can download from the internet by 3G WIFI network and set it as wallpaper.


Languages can be set, too. This head unit supports several languages, you can shift them as you like. Some other general information is available, such as, light detection, brake detection, voice detection, reverse detection and so on.


You will soon familiar with the setting item and operate this unit well. If you deal with the setting issue, you can know about the tools in this unit. It will bring you convenience in usage.


You can set time in tool interface. The calendar is available, too. You can mark down your schedule in it by key board. If you don’t bring your phone with you in the car and you have to count, the calculator in it can help you. It’s the same as in phones. You can check system info in the tool interface, too. It contains the operation system information and other basic information.


Kia Sorento Auto A/V System

Kia Sorento Auto A/V System

I guess you are familiar with this touch screen multifunctional Kia Sorento Auto A/V System now. Please enjoy it. If you want to know more about it, I would like to share some key functions with you.


It supports AV in/out; it supports DVD recording function; it supports Bluetooth call history, phone book, call back and music play; it supports steering wheel control; it supports front & rear AUX with 2 channels.


It supports HD digital TV box(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) with double Tuner as optional; it support rearview camera; it supports car speed DVR; it supports TMC module USB.


It can do more than you think. Come and know detailed information of this Kia Sorento Auto A/V System on website:


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