What factors should you consider when picking a car radio?

When finding the capabilities of the factory radio in your car is far enough to meet your needs right now, the idea of replacing it with a modern car radio with high performance may pop into your mind. To help you pick an ideal car radio, some factors on what to consider when buying a car radio are listed for you as a reference.


What factors should you consider when picking a car radio

What factors should you consider when picking a car radio


The GPS navigation function

No matter you are travelling around the world or finding a new store for your family, a GPS navigation system of high precision is of great importance. Since the GPS navigation system is worldwide real-time at present, you can get the most accurate traffic information to your destination. A lot of useful information can be provided by a modern GPS navigation system, like lane assist, 3D street view, landmark display, millions of points of interest(POIs), voice cues, turn-by-turn direction, etc. Therefore, the GPS navigation function should be considered in the first place.


The multimedia feature

Do you often listen to music or watch music videos, movies, cartoons in your car? If your answer is yes, then the multimedia function is the second factor to take into consideration. An up-to-date car stereo is often integrated with a DVD player which enables you to play DVD, CD, VCD from every country in the world. Besides, you should pay attention that if there is a USB port which allows you and your passengers to play music from a phone or other media player, which can provide more flexible options to entertain on a long and tired trip.

The bluetooth wireless connection

Holding the mobile phone to make and receive phone calls with one hand off the steering wheel is quite dangerous in motion, isn’t it? To keep safer, you can utilize the Bluetooth technology which is specially designed for hands-free calls and audio streaming. With wireless Bluetooth technology in a radio, you can simply sync with your enabled mobile phone to make and receive calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Besides, streaming music is also available in this way, so that you can listen to your favorite music from your mobile phone or other portable devices with Bluetooth feature.


FM/AM radio tuner

Generally speaking, the car radios nowadays will come with a built-in FM/AM radio for you to get the latest news around the world. One thing you may need to pay attention is that if there is HD radio decoding which will dramatically improve the audio quality of local radio stations broadcast in the digital format.



A car radio with easy installation will help you avoid from great trouble. Therefore, when you choose a car radio, you should be clear if it is easy to install and if there is any installation instructions for you if you are going to install it by yourself.


All in all, when you are choosing a car radio, what features should be taken into consideration depends on your own needs. Last but not least, the compatibility of the new radio with your car shouldn’t be neglected. You should make sure if the new radio can perfectly fit your car before you buy it. There are a lot of online car stereo sellers on the website, you’d better choose those with more good remarks and excellent service. Here I’d like to recommend Seicane which is a professional car stereo supplier to you: http://www.seicane.com/. Best wishes to you!

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