What size of a car stereo can fit my car?

Some car owners who want to replace their factory radio with a multifunctional car stereo may have the question that how can I be sure which kind of car stereo can fit my car? Will a new car stereo fit my car without any gap? To answer this  question, the most important point is the size. Different car stereos of different dimension is specially designed for specific cars. If you find the right car stereo which is particularly built for your car, then it can be installed in your car seamlessly.

What size of a car stereo can fit my car?

What size of a car stereo can fit my car?



Single din & double din car stereos


Finding out what size of your factory radio can help you quickly identify which car stereos can fit your car, so you can easily find the right options from a wide range of items. Generally speaking, there are two main different types of car stereos as far as the size is concerned: single din car stereos and double din car stereos. The following is the method how to judge  your stock radio is single din or double din.


Single din car stereos are mostly used for those cars of which the factory radio size is 2″ x 7″(50 x 180mm), which means the factory radio is about 2″ tall. If your factory radio is about 2″ tall, the choice to replace your radio is probably only the single din car stereos. If you do want to install a double din one, you should take your factory radio out and check if there is enough room for you to install it.


Double din car stereos are specially designed for those cars of which the factory radio size is 4″ x 7″ (100 x 180mm), which means the factory radio is about 4″ tall. In most cases, car owners who have double din radio in their car would select a double din aftermarket car stereo when they are upgrading. In fact, a single din car stereo or a double din one can be installed into your car if your factory radio is double din. If you do want to replace with a single din one, you can use a bracket kit to make it work. As a matter of fact, car owners will still prefer double din car stereos if they have the same double din radio in their car.


Car model & year


Since there are great differences of the dashboard between different car models In different years, therefore, car stereos are designed for specific cars in particular. Before you take a car stereo on a website, you must keep your own car model and manufactured year in mind, when you are browsing the products, you should pay close attention to the car model and the fitting year of a car stereo. Only both the car model and year can match those of your car can a car stereo perfectly fit your car.


Take a dashboard picture


Taking a dashboard picture of your car can do great help for you to judge whether a new car stereo can fit your car. When you are browsing a car stereo on a website, you can check if the dashboard picture of the original car showed on the product website is the same or similar to that of your car. In this way, you can pick a right car stereo within less time. Besides, if you are still unsure about the compatibility, it’s a good idea for you to send your dashboard picture to the seller to help you check.


All in all, from the above three aspects, you can easily find a car stereo with the right size to be perfectly installed into your car. To help you find an ideal car stereo of high quality with an affordable price, I’ d like to recommend a professional car stereo supplier named Seicane to you: http://www.seicane.com/. Best wishes and good luck to you!

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