How to Upgrade 3D GPS Map in A BMW X5 E53 DVD Player


BMW X5 E53 DVD Player

BMW X5 E53 DVD Player

It’s a BMW X5 E53 DVD player. It fits to 2000-2007 BMW X5 E53 3.0i, 3.0d, 4.4i, 4.6is, 4.8is. It supports many amazing functions, such as, WIFI, Mirrorlink, GPS navigation, radio, TV and so on. More on:


A car stereo with navigation system in it helps a lot to drivers. The GPS map can show precise information and route for drivers; the voice navigation will remind drivers when it’s necessary; some systems even can re-plan routes for drivers once they drive off the route they had set before.


It’s helpful, but you have to keep the latest map in your head unit so that it can show correct information for you all the time. If you have a car stereo which supports 3D navigation system, and you want to upgrade the map, you can do it in the following ways.


You can use a SD card to upgrade the map. Download a GPS map from computer and use a SD card to take it to head unit and upgrade the old map to the new one.


If your head unit has 3G or WIFI network, you can search on net for upgraded map and download it directly to the head unit and upgraded the old one.


There are many maps in the Internet. You can go to a shop for it, or you can go to your car stereo dealer for it. The latter method is recommended, if you had bought a map from your car stereo dealer before.


In most cases, the dealer will give you a link of the upgraded map. You just need to go to the webpage and download it.


Remember that you have to use a SD card to storage the map, and, you should keep the SD card inserted in your head unit. Or, the map cannot work for you. Don’t remove the SD card when the system is running, or you may lose data.


If you don’t have a navigation stereo in your car, but you want to use GPS system, you should have your head unit upgraded to a new car DVD player which supports navigation function.


If you are a car owner of BMW X5 E53, and you are looking for a new head unit, you can check out the BMW X5 E53 DVD player at the beginning of the text to see if it fits your car.


BMW X5 E53 DVD Player

BMW X5 E53 DVD Player

This head unit has Android 4.2.2 operation system with dual-core. It support 3D navigation map. You can enjoy entertainment functions while viewing GPS map in this unit.


Besides navigation system, it supports many great functions. You can play songs from IPod and IPhone by connecting with a USB cable to the unit. The operation in the unit is similar to the operation in your devices.


If you want to search the Internet, the built-in WIFI function can help you. After connection, you can enjoy entertainments online in the unit. This unit support 3G network, too. If you like this function, you should pick it with the unit when ordering, because it’s an optional function.


The radio function in this head unit has standard AM/FM tuner with RDS. You are able to preset 30 stations in the unit. The media player in this unit supports MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG/MPEG etc.


If you want to operation your cell phone in the head unit, you can have the Mirrorlink function in it. This function is optional, too.


It’s such a great car stereo for BMW X5 E53, you’d better not miss it. You can get professional information on website, too. Here’s the link of this BMW X5 E53 DVD player:


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