How to Get IPod Work in a Toyota Corolla Multimedia


Toyota Corolla Multimedia

Toyota Corolla Multimedia

It’s a multifunctional Toyota Corolla Multimedia. It supports many functions, such as, DVD, GPS, CD, radio, USB, SD, Bluetooth and so on. More on:


If you have a car stereo as this Toyota Corolla Multimedia, you can play songs by IPod function directly in your head unit. There’s a cable for IPod connection. One end of the cable is connected to the back of the head unit, and the other end of the cable can be pulled out from the glove box to connect your IPod. It supports Iphone music, too.


After connection, you will see song lists in the head unit screen, which is the same as in your IPod. The operation in the unit is similar to your IPod, too. It’s convenient and in good tone quality.


However, if you don’t have the IPod function in your head unit, you have to add some tools to the unit so that you can play songs from your IPod in your car stereo. But, the methods are simple. You can try in these ways.


Method 1: use a FM transmitter.


A FM transmitter is needed to connect your IPod to the head unit. After you insert it in your head unit, you have to turn FM radio to a specific channel so that you can listen to the songs in your IPod. In this method, the tone quality may be not as good as the IPod. But it is easy.


Method 2: use a cassette player.


This method is only for those car stereos which are compatible with cassette players. You have to test whether your car stereo works with it. If it works, you can buy one and use it to get IPod work in your head unit. The cassette player can sense what you are doing with the tape deck and translate it to your IPod. You will remote your IPod in this way. By the way, the tone quality in this method is not so good, too.


Method 3: use an Aux In adapter.


This method is simple. You can receive a pure audio input from your iPod by tuning Sat1 or Sat2 from the adapter. This is better than the FM transmitter in tone quality.


You can according to your car stereo and choose the best way to get IPod work in your car. If you are going to upgrade your head unit, you can upgrade it with the IPod function, too. You can also check out whether the Toyota Corolla Multimedia at the beginning fits your car. It’s for 2004-2011 Toyota Corolla, but it fits some other car models, such as, 2004-2011 Toyota Corolla, 2004-2010 Toyota Hilux, 2009 Toyota Matrix, 2004-2007 Toyota Previa, 2004-2006 Toyota Vios, 2011 Toyota Zelas, 2010 Toyota Prado and 2007-2010 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ.


Toyota Corolla Multimedia

Toyota Corolla Multimedia

It supports 3G and WIFI network. You can bookmark your favorite websites in the head unit; you can upgrade software in the head unit online; you can enjoy entertainments online.


It has 20 disks virtual CD changer in this unit. The CD function now is available for you to download from CD or DVD to the head unit. In case of keeping too many discs in your car, this function now supports power off memory and file management.


It supports car speed DVR. The DVR has 120 degrees wide-angle and 1.3 million high pixels camera. It can record videos during driving clearly, and it can be full-time record during driving. There are several ways to playback the video. You can use a computer, a TV or a cell phone to play it.


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