How to replace a car stereo for your car?

With the continuous improvement of technology, car owners want to have better driving experience in their car, and therefore, the idea of replacing the factory radio with a modern high-end multifunctional car stereo comes up to their mind since a car stereo in the middle of a car draws the most attention from both the driver and passengers. Then how to replace a factory radio? What is the right procedure? The following it the guide for you as a reference to pick a right car stereo replacement for you car.


How to replace a car stereo for your car?

How to replace a car stereo for your car?


Measurement comes first

Before you begin to pick a car stereo, measure your factory radio first. Most car stereo replacements are based on singe din and double din car stereos. If your factory radio is two inches(50mm) tall, then you can replace it with a single din aftermarket car stereo. If you want to replace it with a double din one, you need to take your factory radio out to check if there is enough room for double din car stereos. If you are unsure about that, you can take a picture of your dashboard, the ask a dealer for help.


On the other hand, if your factory radio is 4 inches tall(100mm), you can replace it with either a single din car stereo or a double din one. In most cases, double din aftermarket car stereos are the preference for car owners who have a double-din factory radio.


Make a list of what you need

Aftermarket car stereos vary from features to features. Therefore, it’s wise of you to think over what you really need in your car. Here are some features listed for your reference, including GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, DVD/CD player, radio( FM/AM radio, HD radio,satellite radio), iPod function, WIFI, 3g internet, USB and SD card connection, AUX, etc. After making the list, you can set a budget for your replacement in a whole.


Pick a right aftermarket car stereo

There are several ways for you to pick up an aftermarket car stereo. First of all, you can go to a car stereo upgrade center, pick a right one, and ask the technician staff to help with the installation, which is the quickest but most expensive way. Secondly, you can go to a car stereo aftermarket store, pick a car stereo which is specially made for your car, and then install it at your home. The last one, you can surf the item on the internet, and also install it at your home, which might be the most cost-effective one based on the low budget of the online shops. About the second and the third ways, you can turn to a professional technician for the installation if you don’t know how to install a car stereo. Make sure that if the aftermarket can fit your car before you pick it, including the car model, year, and the compatibility with your car.


Remove the factory radio

After you get a new aftermarket car stereo for your car, you need to remove your factory radio before the installation of a new car stereo. It is suggested that you search for the wiring diagram of your factory radio on the internet, then remove the factory radio accordingly, if not, a video is better, which can be more intuitive.


Install a new car stereo

Nowadays, most car stereos are just plug and play and will come with special wiring harness, which makes the installation much easier. The most important and difficult one might be the wiring, for which you can take the user manual as a reference. If there isn’t a manual, you can ask the dealer for a wiring diagram. In most cases, it follows the color scheme, which means that the same color wires should be connected together. After the installation, you need to turn on the new car stereo and have a check if everything works well.


In conclusion

Picking a right car stereo helps you upgrade your driving experience a lot. What matters most during the replacement is that you need to pick a fitting car stereo and install it correctly in your car. Therefore, an amazing aftermarket car stereo and an excellent car stereo supplier are both vital. To help you better, I’d like to recommend a popular car stereo supplier named Seicane to you: Hopefully this article can be helpful for you. Good luck!

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