Several important tips to replace a 2005-2012 Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo

With the progress of technology and the improvement of people’s life, most car owners are trying to upgrade their car accessories in order to have a more comfortable interior as well as a better driving experience. Therefore, most of them probably turn to the replacement of the factory radio which controls all the entertainment in a car. This article is about something on a Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo replacement for your reference.


2005-2012 Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo

2005-2012 Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo


The above picture is a modern aftermarket 2005-2012 Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo from Seicane, which comes with a wide range of features, including GPS navigation, bluetooth connectivity, DVD player, FM/AM radio, TV, iPod, wifi and a great deal of compatibility of additional functions like digital TV, 3g module, mirror link, rearview camera and OBDⅡ,etc.



It would be an amazing thing if you upgrade an ideal car stereo in your vehicle. With a beautiful user interface, you can improve your in-car environment on one hand, on the other hand, you are able to DIY the wallpapers according to your preference to meet your mood anytime. Besides, you won’t get lost any more with its powerful GPS navigation system which can provide the current position, mileage, route planning, 3D street view, landmark display, turn-by-turn direction and voice prompts for you. There are many other functions to offer you the most enjoyment and convenience in your car.


To enjoy all these benefits, you should replace your factory radio first. You are able to go to a car stereo upgrade center to pick a right car stereo and have it installed right there. In addition, you can also choose a car stereo in an online shop and ask a technician for help with the installation. If you want to install it by yourself, you should have a general idea about the whole process of the removal of the old radio and the installation of the new car stereo. It may do much damage to your car and the new car stereo if you don’t pay attention to some cautions. Therefore, I’d like to remind you of some important tips for you as follows if you are going to install it on your own.




  1. Please cut off the power supply before you do the replacement.
  2. Please protect the seats and interior trim of the car from being damage during replacement.
  3. Please do the joints well to avoid short circuit.




  1. Please don’t connect the wires or accessories when in the boot-up state to avoid the host computer and accessories being damaged.
  2. Please don’t cut off the power suddenly when testing the unit after installation.



Some problems may occur to you in the process of removal and installation. You are suggested to turn to a professional technician for help whenever before or after the installation. There are a few differences among different cars on the removal and installation, you can seek help from your dealer if necessary.


To get more detailed information on a Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo,  you can click the below link:


This unit is loaded with an up-to-date pure Android 4.4.4 operating system and a high-end RK3066 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Dual-core CPU to greatly smooth the operation and enhance the capabilities. With a large 7 inch HD 1024*600 digital touch screen, you can enjoy its simpler operation as well as a more clearer display.


The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to pair with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to make hands-free calls and stream music. Therefore, you can dial, accept, reject or mute a call without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Its phonebook function allows you to search for the contact list directly on the widescreen.


The availability of USB port and SD card is desirable for you to plug compatible external devices for audio and video playing. This unit supports HD 1080p multimedia playback with which you can enjoy your favorite videos in your car whenever and wherever you are.


This unit can support a number of options, for example, a backup camera which can provide assistance for your parking. Wish you like this Mercedes Benz ML Class W164 car stereo and enjoy your upgrade!

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    worst stereo system i ever bought of sciecane. ipod doesn’t work , FM radio doesn’t hold stations,

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