The Article is to share you a specific installation and removal guide for 2013 2014 Subaru XR Forester Impreza car stereo

For car owners, to have a multifunctional car radio can bring lots of entertainment on all trips. And also enhance the quality of living life. However,you might have a confusion that how can i replace my car stereo with a new expected one. Here below i would like to share you a specific installation and removal guide for 2013 2014 Subaru XR Forester Impreza car stereo from Seicane.


  1. Please apply the parking brake and remove the negative cable on the vehicle battery before the removal to ensure safety.
  2. A lever and a screwdriver need to be prepared before the installation.

2013 2014 Subaru XR Forester Impreza car radio installation guide

  1. Take out of the glove.
  2. Unplug the plug which connect the trim panel to the dash.
  3. Pry the a/v vent panel with a lever.
  4. Offthe vent panel out of the dash.
  5. Unplug all the connectors at the back of the vent panel.
  6. Remove four screws holding the factory radio.
  7. Gently take the factory radio out of the dashboard.
  8. Unplug the connectors at the back.
  9. Carefully make antennas and cables connected step by step as installation instructions show.
  10. Put the new Seicane unit into your dashboard, double check if allconnections are correct and you’d better have a tidy for the cables.
  11. Check whether the new Seicane unit is working well.
  12. If there is no problem, firm removed screws and bolts that are put aside, then make trim panel back on your new Seicane unit.


Wish the above installation guide for a 2013 2014 Subaru XR Forester Impreza GPS navigation is helpful. If there is any questions about the installation, please get help from a dealer or a professional. In addition, if you don’t have any suitable one, there is a recommended modern car radio for Subaru XR Forester Impreza head unit .Please check the link below for details.


The Subaru XR Forester Impreza DVD Player with a large 9 inch 1024*600 multi-touch screen to facilitate,it is an ideal selection to upgrade your factory radio. The GPS function can direct you turn-by-turn and voice can avoid getting lost when you get to any unfamiliar location.You can also wirelessly sync your mobile phone using this unit to make and receive hands-free calls and stream music to have a journey filled with security and pleasure.

This 2013 2014  Subaru XR Forester Impreza car GPS navigation  comes with the latest Android Radio, RAM 2GB \ ROM 32GB \ Quad core , Support Carplay,RDS, SWC, XM radio APP etc. The steering wheel control still keep working after the installation of this excellent stereo.

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